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Rental Terms

General Information

FESTOS RENTALS is committed to ensuring that the information you provide when making your reservation is secure. When making a reservation, your personal details are required for processing the reservation (name, surname, telephone number, credit card details, email address, home address, country of origin, postal code, and date of birth). By submitting your
reservation, you consent to the use of this information to complete your reservation. The customer explicitly undertakes not to allow anyone other than those persons appearing as drivers in the Rental Agreement to drive the vehicle, and will be responsible for any damage to the vehicle or third parties in such a case.

Driver’s License: The driver must have held a license for at least one year. His driver’s license must be Greek, European (for EU countries), or International (for countries outside the EU).

Pickup / Return: The delivery and return of vehicles take place at any port, airport, or city in Crete by arrangement. The company reserves the right to cancel a reservation after one hour of delay in delivery if it has not received any updates from the customer.

Geographical Restrictions: Transport outside Crete is not allowed. There are new generation GPS devices that immobilize the car at any time and notify the traffic control that the vehicle is leaving the island. This service is free to our customers and helps in case of vehicle theft by immediately notifying the company to locate the vehicle.

Required Documents: Upon vehicle collection, you must have with you a valid credit/debit card, identity card or passport, and a valid driver’s license. The credit/debit card must have an available balance sufficient to cover the exemption amount. The height of the exemption (approval) depends on the type and category of the vehicle as well as the selected insurance. The credit/debit card may be charged for any additional costs that may arise during the rental period.

Payment terms: MasterCard and Visa Credit/Debit cards are accepted for the approval process. Prepaid cards or electron cards (Visa Electron, Maestro) are not accepted for the approval process.

Driver’s Age: The renter-driver must be over 20 years old. The driver must have held a license for at least one year. Drivers aged 20 to 22 have access to categories A, B, C (automatic or manual) – Drivers aged 25 and over have access to all categories.

Minimum Rental: The rental day is calculated on a 24-hour basis, with a grace period of 1 hour after the declared return or pickup time of the car. In case of late return, more than 1 hour, then another rental day is charged. The company reserves the right, depending on availability, to provide a different type of car from the one initially booked with an equivalent or better category.

Vehicle Return: The renter must return the vehicle to the agreed location and date as specified in the Rental Agreement. If the vehicle is returned to a different location, there is an additional cost and it is done by arrangement. Also, the fuel policy is same-to-same, meaning that the customer must return the vehicle with the same fuel as received, otherwise, he will have to pay
the difference. The company is not obliged and does not compensate the customer who returns with more fuel, provided he is informed and has agreed to our policy from the beginning.

General Conditions for Car Rental: Customers receive the rented vehicle described in the Rental Agreement in perfect working condition, with all documents, tires, windows, tools, and accessories, and undertake to take care of it and return it in the same condition as received. Additionally, customers must respect and drive according to the Greek Highway Code (KOK)
applicable in Greece. By signing the Rental Agreement, customers accept the rental conditions and terms as defined by FESTOS RENTALS. In the event of an accident, the renter must immediately inform FESTOS RENTALS and promptly notify the Traffic Police and the Insurance Company. Special Equipment and Additional Services:Child seats are available upon request for all ages according to weight, with an additional charge, as well as a Special Navigation System upon request. Due to insurance rules, it is the renter’s obligation to install the seat in the car.
Note: Child seat standards may vary in other countries.

Lost Key / Roadside Assistance: In case of key loss, the renter must promptly inform FESTOS RENTALS to provide the spare key. The key is not covered by any insurance and is considered part of the car. The customer bears the cost of the key and its transportation to them. Administrative Folder Management Fees – Management Expenses In the event that the renter has not added any insurance package and the vehicle is damaged, an additional charge of €50.00 will apply along with the cost of the damage.

Loss of Documents or License Plates: In case of loss or theft of the vehicle’s documents or license plates, a charge of €1000 will apply.

Fines and Offenses: Administrative Penalties resulting from traffic violations committed during the rental period burden the renter entirely, and the company must be informed.

Use of Vehicle by Renter
The customer explicitly agrees to the following:

● Maintain the vehicle in good condition
● Respect the Highway Code
● Not violate traffic lights, the STOP sign
● Respect speed limits
● Not drive off-road or on dirt roads (e.g., Balos Beach)
● Not drive under the influence of alcohol or substances
● Not use the vehicle to tow another vehicle
● Not engage in activities for the purpose of subletting the vehicle
● Not use the vehicle to participate in competitions or sports events, whether official or
● Properly lock the car in a suitable, designated, and safe place when not in use
● Not provide as security, collateral, sell, lease, assign, mortgage, lend, or even change or
convert any component of the vehicle
● Immediately stop the car in case the slightest external or internal indication of technical
failure is detected